What are the Ways to Spot Fake Essential Oils?

Are you a first-time buyer of essential oils? Or, do you already own multiple bottles of it? No matter what you are between these two, have you ever thought about what is actually in those tiny bottles? Are you sure that you have purchased pure essential oils? Are they of higher quality? Well! These are a few aspects that are critical but often overlooked, unfortunately. Even though Divineshree deals in high-quality essential oils, it is always a good idea to do a small patch test before deciding on anything.

But this is not enough to spot a fake or bad essential oil. You will need to do a bit more than this. What are those ways to identify the right stuff? To help you in this quest, we have highlighted some points below. Let us take a closer look:

How to spot knockoff oils?

We all know that not every essential oil comes with 100% authenticity and purity. Since they are not regulated or checked by the FDA, things become a little tricky. However, some ways are still there that you can utilize to check if the oil is pure or not.

Below are the points:

Factors that define the purity and quality of essential oils

First and foremost, you should know the factors that determine the essential oils’ purity and quality. Some of them include:

  • Plants: Here we are talking about the climatic conditions, uses of chemicals, pesticides, etc. under which a plant grows. These affect the overall quality of the oil extracted.
  • Processing Method: Some providers do not use clean tools or equipment for the distillation. And when dust and debris are mixed with the oil during the process, the quality will be affected. However, this is not the case with Divineshree.
  • Packaging: The lifespan depends on the ways the essential oil is handled, packed, and stored. No matter how amazing the quality is, it will be ruined if it is not kept properly, generally in an air-tight glass bottle.

Learn about the therapeutic grade

Well! NO authoritative grading system is there to determine how amazing the essential oil is. It is said that buying an essential oil is similar to shopping for something precious like diamonds. This is one of the reasons why you are always advised to choose a quality and reputed vendor for this purpose.

Since it is very difficult to give a tag of ‘therapeutic grade’ to the essential oil, a provider may put a tag stating something like A, B, or C. However, this is nothing but a trick to grab the eyeballs of customers so that they can buy from them.

How to locate if the essential oil is pure?

To decide on this, you will need to trust your smell senses. Yes, you can take some training or even a course for this purpose. Besides, the following will help you locate the purity of essential oils:

A thorough check of the bottle

Quality suppliers such as Divineshree always sell essential oils in amber/ glass bottles. These air-tight dark bottles are generally below 4 ounces. Many times you will also find eyedropper caps bottles. Since heat and light can affect the purity and quality of these oils, it is necessary to always store them in the original packaging bottles. In case a provider is selling essential oils in plastic bottles, it is a red flag and you SHOULD NOT purchase it.

Read bottles’ label

As per the experts, every essential oil comes with a Latin name. It is generally of the plant or natural source from which the oil is extracted. In case you are unable to find such names on the labels, it indicates that the oil is not original. In addition to this, you should also check the processing type i.e. expression or distillation. Also, essence oil does not mean it is a pure essential oil. Instead, the oil contains only the essence of that element.

Common signs that indicate that the oil is not original

Well! Many times it is hard for a person to determine the quality by checking the above-listed pointers. However, some common signs are there that can be checked to decide better:

  • When you find the word – fragrance on the bottle of essential oils, you should not buy it. We are saying this because not all botanical sources can yield essential oils. In this case, providers many times use the fragrance only. It means the oil will not be original but it only contains the aroma.
  • Additionally, having a ‘Latin Name’ on the bottle is a must. If you do not find any name on the bottle, it is a big NO for the purchase. For instance, all Divineshree essential oils come with a Latin Name.
  • Lastly, checking the price is a must. If a provider is selling oils at excessively low prices, the chances are higher that the oil is of low quality or even not original. A good bottle of essential oil comes with a reasonable price tag.

Closing remarks

No supplier will say that they are selling low-quality or fake essential oils. However, you must choose a reliable and trusted partner such as Divineshree to get oils that are quality-checked on various parameters. To know more about the range and other necessary aspects, visit its official website cum online store.

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