Can Physiotherapists in Delhi Help with Sciatica Symptoms?

Physiotherapists in delhi

Sciatica is one of the most common conditions that come with painful inflammation. It affects nerves from the spinal base to the down legs. This is known as the sciatica nerve. Even though different treatment options are available at present for this condition, relying on medicines for a longer period is not a solution. Hence, it is good to opt for some helpful alternatives. One such option is physical therapy or physiotherapy. However, things will only be favorable if they combine the treatment with other options. Besides, you should also find a reliable physiotherapist in Delhi for the purpose.

But before you choose to opt for this treatment for sciatica or find a physiotherapist near me, you should read this post to get familiar with several aspects.

What is sciatica?

It’s a pain that starts from the lower back and goes to one or both legs. This pain occurs when the sciatica nerve experiences irritation or extreme inflammation. If you are thinking about the causes, it happens due to excessive pressure on this nerve by the bulging or herniated disc. In addition to this, diabetes, tumors, and other underlying issues can also cause sciatica.

What are the symptoms of the sciatica pain?

A patient can feel pain ranging from infrequent and constant to debilitating and mild. In general, this pain will only affect one leg as well as one side of the lower back. The pain runs from the spine base to the buttocks and then legs. This extreme pain is also classified as a tingling or burning sensation in one side or one leg. According to the top physiotherapists in Delhi, one can also feel shooting pain along with numbness. And, they will also find it difficult to move with the affected side or affected leg.

However, even after this, permanent damage of the nerve from sciatica is pretty rare. However, it does not mean that the discomfort and pain are easily manageable. To get rid of the pain, one will need to opt for the right treatment. Without this, it is quite difficult to alleviate the sciatica pain. Fortunately, physiotherapy offers great solutions for these conditions. With customized treatment plans, one can get optimal benefits.

Diagnosis of sciatica 

As you already know several disorders and ailments can cause sciatica pain. Thus, the treatment starts by pinpointing the root cause or source of the pain. Yes, walking in the wrong posture, lifting your legs inappropriately, or lying on your back for a longer period can also bring discomfort and pain of sciatica, a professional will be there to address the issue after locating the main reason behind it.

After knowing the root cause, the expert physiotherapist in Delhi will ask you to undergo a range of tests to determine to confirm the root cause. This includes CT scans, MRIs, X-rays, etc. These are done to check nerves and the spine.

Once the tests are done, the physician will prescribe various medications as a part of the primary treatment. These will help you manage the pain along with inflammation. When it comes to physiotherapy, the professionals will create a rehab plan to reduce the pain and inflammation. Besides, it will also help you restore mobility.

Physiotherapy and sciatica

Since common causes of this condition include excessive pressure on the nerves, physiotherapy is one of the ways to focus on the same. As a result, the pressure will be alleviated and tension on the muscles of the legs, back, and buttocks. Hence, you will feel less pain and mobility will be restored.

When it comes to the solutions or approaches of physiotherapy by physiotherapists near me, they may provide you with the following (but not limited to these):

  • Posture correction
  • Mobilization of spine
  • Manual therapy
  • Manual and mechanical traction
  • Dry needling
  • Exercises
  • Stretches

In case you are planning to start exercising on your own, you are advised not to do it. This will only make your case worse. Hence, get in touch with a physiotherapist in Delhi to seek professional assistance.

Closing remarks

In case of a bone spur, one, one can support the recovery through physiotherapy. Are you looking for a center to have skilled professionals by your side? If yes, then you can trust PHYSIOREVIVE. With a certified team, it can help you through different treatment plans including physical therapy, dry needling, and so on.

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